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Coffee, radio, and chaos...

Drinking a yummy mug of freshly brewed coffee with vanilla soy milk, sugar, cinnamon & nutmeg. Unfortunately the reason for the caffeine indulgence is a large amount of homework that I need to stay awake to finish.

Taking a short break for now, to type in here.

Nessa didn't show up for our radio show today. I was really pissed off cause I wanted to get some extra studying done while in the studio -- but that's nearly impossible if I am the only one there to run things. On the plus side, I had complete control over the show, and I had a blast. Chris showed up for a while as my "guest dj". It was his first time on the radio, and he was so proud to lose his "radio virginity". Lol.

Due to the events of this morning, I'm really thinking that NY is not the safest place to be right now. I think I'd much prefer to be home. That plane crashed right near two of my friends' houses. Blessed be that they & their families are all ok. My heart goes out to anyone affected by this terrible incident.

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