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Slightly busy day. I had to go to work early this morning, get some homework done, cook a bunch of squash (among other things), do a bunch of housecleaning, get laundry done, pick up my sister...

My sister is here, and she's staying with me for the weekend. We have a lot of stuff to do, so it should be fun! It was nice to get to see my family -- I haven't seen them in about two months. Unfortunately, I only got to see my parents for less than five minutes, but I'll see them in a few days anyway for Thanksgiving.

Some of my housemates and friends had a turkey dinner tonight. It was quite yummy! We were expecting more people though, so we have tons of leftovers to get rid of before we all go home on Wed.
We watched "Ever After" tonight. I rarely cry at movies, but that scene when the book is tossed into the fire nearly always draws a tear.

Why am I still awake when I've had an exhausting day?
Isn't insomnia great?

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