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I see you looking at me
I can tell by your eyes that you're feeling me
And I really want you to get close to me
So won't you dance with me, dance with me

My drop-top's in the parking lot
And I'm gonna take you back to my spot
But we still got a little more time to rock
So won't you dance with me, dance with me...

Grrr... I want to go OUT...
I really don't want to be doing homework right now. I'd rather be out, or sleeping, or doing anything that is either fun or relaxing.

The irony is, that the longer I procrastinate on this work, the smaller the likelihood that I'll get to do any of that stuff any time soon :(

Back to the homework, I've got to get this stuff done at a decent hour cause I've got to be at work early in the morning...

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