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"the soothing light at the end of your tunnel... is just a freight train coming your way..."

This week really sucked. On top of being generally overworked, sleep deprived, extra klutzy (most likely due to the sleep issue) and rather depressed, there was just one problem on top of another.

Classes sucked. It all started with me missing the book I needed to read from for Monday's lit class. Of course, since it was the ONE assignment I had not read, there was a quiz on it! (failed, of course) Things just got worse from there.
I missed a class on Tues cause I got held over at work. I found out later that I missed a quiz and I can't make it up.

I got depressed about not being skinny again, so I bought some Slim Fast to help drop a few pounds. Of course, I got certain friends (friends who really aren't ones who should be making comments about eating habits) arguing with me about that. Grr... I'm not anorexic, so they should just shut up & let me eat (or not eat) what I want.

Thursday night/morning was the worst. I was up until 2am writing a paper. I woke up at 4:30am to continue writing. After that I was back & forth from the bed to the desk. Somehow in the process I rubbed something into my eye. It was red and painful until this morning. I didn't get the paper done, got to work late, and had a crappy day of classes afterward.

I haven't been able to get a hold of the person who needs to give me the paperwork for my intership. He hasn't answered my phone message (left two weeks ago), and he isn't around (or is busy) during his office hours. I also missed my add/drop appointment cause I couldn't get in touch with my advisor when I needed to.

I have several group projects, and NONE of the groups have met yet... I have papercuts all over my hands... I lost money (not too much, thank goodness) when I went to the casino with my friends...

After hearing about my crappy week, Josh had decided yesterday that he would stop by today and stay over. I really looked forward to that ever since he mentioned it. Especially since I may not be able to visit him next weekend (which would mean nearly a month of not seeing each other).
It was SOOO nice to have something spontaneously sweet happen to brighten my week.
I really got my hopes up about it way too much.
So, OF COURSE, that HAD to fall through as well.
His car wouldn't start.

So what am I doing now? Writing a paper. On a Saturday night.
Nothing to do. Nobody to cuddle with. I'm not allowed to go out.

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