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Ok, so the week is "officially" over. ...*sigh*...
I gave up on writing the paper for now. It's just too late of an hour (especially on a Saturday), and I am too exhausted for homework at this point.
I figure it's time for a nice white russian to help me recover. (I haven't drank in a long time. I figure I deserve it tonight.) I'll just hang out for a bit before heading off to bed. Maybe I'll join the crew downstairs & see what they're up to. Or, on second thought, I think I'll just chill by myself online or read something (yeah, it's a pretty dull night...)

And I'm wondering if I should be holding my breath for a sign that the new week will be a little better...

Lol, great. As soon as I typed that previous line, I heard two of my housemates start arguing with each other... What a positive sign, huh?

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