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"yes I guess I f*cked up again..."

Feeling rather crappy right now.
You know that line in You've Got Mail (not one of my favorite movies, but this line is so true) about how when you've said just the right (mean) comment at the right time, that feeling terrible inevitably follows? (Sorry, I can't remember exactly how the line is worded, but you get the idea...)

Well anyway, that's what happened & is one of the reasons I'm feeling pretty icky right now. I said something (not necessarily cruel, but unneccessarily cutting) to Nessa over the air at the studio that just wasn't nice. It wasn't really anything terribly bad (and she didn't really say anything about it), but I could tell that she was at least a little hurt by it, and I feel like such a bitch right now. The only reason why I said it was cause I'm on such little sleep and tension between several people in the house is getting pretty thick. Still, I shouldn't be a bitch.
I'm sorry Nessa!! :(

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