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winter break will be so welcome...

I am completely out of sync and in desperate need of some r&r and some time with my Josh.
It's been weeks since I've had the chance to go work out or do yoga, and I feel like crap for it.
My horoscope for today says "Enjoy a day free from work and worries. Revel in December's gifts..."

Today's plans are quite the opposite:
  • FINALLY completing 3 papers (including a take-home final that's worth a decent chunk of our grade),
  • once again attempting to contact my bosses at my jobs for winter break (yes, job is plural again),
  • wrapping presents for various people for a holiday party which I have no time for (but the noise will keep me from doing work anyway cause no-one understands the concept of ADD),
  • reviewing for tomorrow's final,
  • trying to get some work done for tuesday's group presentation cause nothing is getting done for it.

To top it all off, I have an icky stomach-ache, nasty cramps, and moods swings that change by the minute...

Recently magnified pet-peeve: When people yell when talking on the phone or to people in the same room as them (applies to several housemates)...

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