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*sigh* another year gone by...

Wow, I really haven't updated in a while... Not since before I left NY!
Well, it's 2002 now, and I am back home, on winter break.
I've been busy between work, family, and Josh.

New Years Eve was spent as usual -- Josh and I went out for dinner, then snuggled up and watched movies at his house. It was nice. It's always important to me to greet the new year with someone I love. He promised to spend every New Year's together with me. :)

What freaks me out is the 2002 is the number on my class ring...
Yep, I graduate this year! I do have some extra classes to take after May, but still, it's time for the real world. I'm glad I'll be out of this school, I never liked it very much, but I love the general college scene. The "real world" will be so different. Oh well...

Ok, resolutions for 2002...
    Well, there's the typical ones (which I make every year):

  • Lose 10-15lbs (amount varies each year, I'm always worried about weight)

  • Spend more time at the gym (goes along with above)

  • Drink more water (yep, that whole 8-glass-a-day thing)

  • Procrastinate less (is there any wonder why this comes up every year?)

  • Tell my family that I'm Wiccan (finally)

    And, there's some new ones:

  • Finish my extra classes (hopefully at certain other school)

  • Get a real job (as in, related to my field)

  • Pay off credit cards (COMPLETELY)

  • Relax (I'm always WAY too stressed)

I'm sure I'll add more as the year goes by...
Lol, I always do.

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