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Well it looks like I have no weekday hours to work this week (at least not mon, tues, or today). My wallet will suffer, but I think the rest of me will benefit from the time off. My schedule for this coming semester will be insanely hectic, I may as well enjoy a little time off.

Josh has been gone for about week (he'll be back tomorrow night). This has given me a bit more time to spend with friends (though I am keeping my promise to not go "out" anywhere). I've been pretty much just hanging out with Gina, Jason, (and Jacob, of course), and Monique.

Even though we are separate for a rather short time (we've been apart for much longer periods of time) I miss Josh a bunch. Mainly because our breaks from school are the only periods of time when we can see each other frequently. This semester is going to be especially difficult because I will be so busy. I'll get to see him soon, though. And I'm sure he's having fun in FL. He's such a sweetie, he sent me an email today & it made me miss him even more...

Well, I suppose I'll spend a little "me" time from now until I see Josh tomorrow night. I'll work on the website, read a book, paint my nails, take a bath...
ooohh!! I haven't taken a bath in sooo long (don't be gross, I shower regularly!) cause there is no time (nor a tub) to take a bath at school.

Hmmm, definate bubble bath tonight!
A nice relaxing one with some candles, a cup of vanilla chamomile tea, etc...


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Jan. 9th, 2002 03:33 pm (UTC)
What does Josh do? Is he at college too?
Jan. 9th, 2002 07:50 pm (UTC)
Yep, he goes to college a few states away from me, but we are both from the same hometown.
We are both on winter break, so we're home, but he took a trip to Florida with his father to see family.
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