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I'm feeling a bit stupid at the moment...

During my hour-long commute to work today, the sleet turned into heavy snow.
The radio informed me that there had been at least 40 accidents in RI today by that time; and that the weather would continue to get colder, so everything would freeze up.
I am absolutely terrible at driving in icy conditions (thinking back to the 360 on the highway last winter... *shudder*), so I started to get nervous.

Driving while it is snowing heavily is the worst, cause the plows haven't cleared anything yet. Anyway, I was down to about 35mph on the highway, so I figured that driving another 30 mins North on a tricky road would NOT be a good idea. So I turned around, came home, and called my boss to ask if I could be placed anywhere in the local area. (BTW, He still hasn't called back)

Of course I now feel like an IDIOT because it's all sunny out now, it's barely flurrying, and the snow is melting away. I really should have gone to work, I need the money badly...

Grrr... $150 dollars down the drain...

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