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getting stuff done...

well, this is pretty much a follow-up to my previous entry.

Called my boss Tuesday... left a voicemail, and still no response. I need to call again today & make sure I at least have hours this weekend...

Called the Dr. today and made an appointment for late Feb.

Brought the car to the mechanic this morning for an oil change. The ironic part is that I needed to jump my car in order to get it running & bring it to the shop. The stupid part is that I didn't ask them to check the battery while I was there!
I took Josh out for breakfast for helping me jump my car and bringing it back and forth to the shop. I think that compensated for waking him up early.

I still haven't called the wireless company cause I hate being on hold & I can't stand dealing with customer service. The ironic part of that is that I work for that company promoting their service!

The rest of today is for going laundry, working out, and paying bills...
then it's time for a bit of a "girl's night out" :)

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