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"she slammed the door and said, "I'm sorry, I had a bad day, again...""

i am tired & sore but i just can't sleep...

today was lovely... *sarcasm, much sarcasm*
  • my headache is still hanging around... I'm getting paranoid about it possibly being something serious, so I'm attempting to see a Dr before I head back to NY on Mon...

  • I am told that my grandmother has 3-7 days to live. (I don't like to talk or write about that kind of stuff, so if you want to know more --> read my sister's entry)

  • My car is having problems again. I drove it to work and it was fine. On my break, I drove it to get gas (about 3/4 of a tank) and starting on the way back it started shaking a LOT and making odd (read: *scary*) popping noises whenever I used the gas. My dad says that there was probably some water in the gas. Great...
    I met him halfway back from Avon and he drove my car & I drove the van back. Damn, that thing is way too big for me to drive.

  • there is something i am still waiting for this week... (long story...)

  • the registrar sent me a letter which says that some of my classes do not count towards the requirements that I thought they would. Great. And just how the hell am I supposed to graduate?!!

  • i am having anxiety issues again...

I worry sometimes that I get too stressed and it is just too much for Josh to handle with me. I really hope not...
Sometimes I get angry, sometimes I can't stop crying, but right now I feel almost numb...
Overwhelmed with anxiety, and pretty much numb...

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