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Possessed Cats and Bizzarre Little Boys

I am so tired, and I'm questioning my sanity...

Last night I didn't really get to bed until 2ish because I was reading and I couldn't sleep anyway.

Around 4am I started hearing this tortured cat sound. Just this loud meowing coming from outside my window. It didn't wake up my roommate, and when i ran into another housemate around 4:30, she said that she hadn't heard anything. I thought I was losing it.
I looked out the window and saw two cats down below, about a foot apart from each other. I don't know if they we fighting or mating or what, but it was loud enough to keep me up.
By the time my roommate got up (around 5:30am), there was just the white cat there. I made sure she could see it too. Lol.
Anyway, I'm exhausted because I'm a very light sleeper. By the time my roomie was up and getting ready, there was no chance of me getting back to sleep...
Now what was really bizarre was the dream I had when I first heard the noise. I dreamt that I was in the kitchen with my mother and I heard the noise outside (the same noise I was actually hearing from the cat). I looked out of the kitchen window and saw my sister hunched over on the ground, coughing, clutching her throat, looking panicked.
I told my mother to call 911 while I ran outside to help my sister.

When I got to her, I noticed that there were two shoes lodged in her mouth. I pulled on them and realized that there were actually two human feet in those shoes.
As I continued to pull (as my sister coughed), I realized that it was an entire human boy, somewhere between 5 and 8 years old!

When I finished removing him, my sister coughed a couple of times, said thanks, and left.
I turned to the little boy and he thanked me as well.
He told me that before he saw my sister, he had been locked in/out of (I can't remember which) his house by his mother. He said that he couldn't even use the toilet, so he had to "go out of the metal box".

My housemates find the whole thing hysterical and keep teasing me.
Like "hey Lau, I've got feet in my mouth!".

Lol, I need help.

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