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"she don't like the way she smiles..."

Ok, I've been really bad about updating this thing.
I post enough of my bitching. Whether or not it's just whining or based on legitimate shit that I happen to be going through.

Therefore, this update is a happy one (or at least filled with positive things).

I have my very own specialty show at the college radio station (yeah, I'm cool, hehe). "Specialty" means that I get to do whatever the hell I want (except use a certain group of words), play whatever music I want, get a good time slot, and they promote my show for me. It means I did a kick-ass job with my previous show.
Anyway, that's a lot of fun. I get broadcast on the radio, on the college TV sets, and online.

The other major good thing is that I got the lead for children's theater this year (the most fun theater production ALL year cause they have tons of shows, you get theaters packed with kids, and there are awesome cast parties).
So yeah, my height finally paid off and I was cast as Thumbelina (I'm not THAT short, but apparently I fit the part).

I missed theater SOOOOOO bad (I haven't gone to any auditions in a looong time), so getting cast as the lead in such a fun production has made me VERY happy!!!

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