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wow, i actually have time to type in here!

The past two weeks have been insanely busy due to mid-terms, my internship, rehearsals, scheduling stuff for next year, playing taxi, and various other things. Yesterday marked the end of all that with 3 papers due and a midterm exam.

Tonight was a nice contrast. I went out to Noah's for a while for a couple of drinks and free wings with some friends. Later I went out with some more friends to go bowling. I sucked, lol, but it was still fun.
Tomorrow (/today, whatever) i get to relax a bit more. I'll probably get a few things done, but I'm going to enjoy the time off. I think I convinced a bunch of friends to go to Applebee's tomorrow night.

My system is so confused. Lately I've been so stressed, and I've had to stay up (even later than usual) worrying and cramming to get stuff done. Today I actually had time to be bored. And I could got to bed now if I wanted to!
I just might!!
Goodnight! :)

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