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"feeling old by 21, never thought my day would come..."

never before has that line rang so true...

Graduation arrived out of nowhere, flashed before me, and sent my friends away.

It seems so strange that college came and went so fast. It feels like I should still be a sophomore or a junior, certainly not a graduated senior with one extra semester remaining. As much as I bitched and whined about how I wanted to transfer, I don't know how I woulod have dealt with that either. Perhaps that is why I never left -- the friends and the familiarity.
As much as I love new things, I am a creature of habit and rely on familiarity -- I get lost and depressed without it. I really don't handle change well, and however much I have ever complained about any of my friends or housemates it's going to be so hard not having them with me all the time. I grew very much attached to that close community environment.
Those 4 years rushed by WAY too fast. I feel old.

When I was a child, I used to pray, almost nightly, that time would slow down and that I wouldn't have to grow up very quickly. My parents called me Peter Pan. I must have really screwed up or something because not only were those prayers not answered, the opposite has happened -- everything is moving too fast.

While at school I would often wish that things could hurry up so that I would be done with the schoolwork and I would be closer to when Josh & I could live together (we still have a year or two before we can do that-- he still has a few years of school left.).
I prefer the wishing.

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