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Cancel that....

Ok, nevermind, no bath.
Sad to say, but I'm ready for bed already. I am soooo sleepy that I would be out before I'd even step a foot in the tub. It looks like I'm going to get in pjs, get all cleaned up and such, sip some tea, and drift off for the night. Yes, 11pm on a Friday night.
I thought I might need the bath to settle down and get sleepy, cause I've made myself nocturnal this semester. However, I've managed to repair my sleep cycle and I'm actually starting to sleep at night!! What a novel idea!!

I've decided to start back on a diet and get more regular exercise, starting tomorrow morning. I've got to slim down a bit or I'm going to get quite frustrated with myself (what else is new).

Ok, time for tea... (and maybe I will catch that bath...)

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