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I spent most of the day helping to paint the new walls of the basement. Actually, I did most of it. I don't mind, though, it was fun.

My boss called and ask if he had told me to work today. I informed him that he hadn't, but I offered to take hours. He didn't give me any though. :( I should have lied so that I could have some hours...

I won't see Josh tonight, he's with "the guys." That's fine with me, but it will be a pain for me when I hang out with him tomorrow. He'll have stayed up to at least 7am with them and when I get together with him he'll be all grumpy and stuff and he'll want to go to bed early. And, of course, he dropped me off early yesterday so that he would be able to wake up early this morning and play hockey with his other friends. Hmph...
Don't get me wrong, it's definitely not that I want more time with him. In fact, I hate when girls do that -- make their guys cut out their social lives -- that is horrible and a big mistake. I certainly don't want us to suffocate each other. Besides, I have friends too and need time to spend with them. The only thing that bugs me is - when does he stay up till 7 with me?! hehe...

Anyway, Gina is stopping by with Jacob tonight. It's hard to call him a baby anymore since he is now running around all over the place.

I feel like painting more, but not walls, I'm done with that. I'm in the mood to do some gouache or maybe watercolor. Actually, I think I'd rather do some sketches...
We'll see...

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