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"I'm okay when everything is not okay...." ~ Tori

This week went from OK to miserable.

(I am currently typing from a school lab)

This not only means that I cannot vent into this journal, but it also means that I have had NO communication with Josh since I got here. :(
We don't have much money, so we have always talked via Instant Messenger, for FOUR YEARS. I've had trouble with the long-distance thing anyway, now it seems nearly impossible with no communication. We spend nearly every day together when we are at home, so this is a dramatic change that I really cannot handle.

What also gets me down is that I am an IT major and I feel like such a failure that I cannot get my own computer hooked up to the net.
In addition to that, being an IT major, I NEED internet access!!!!

ALSO, nearly all of my friends have graduated, so I feel REALLY alone this semester.

I walk around on campus, and I know some people, but none of them are my good friends. I am so used to being in the same HOUSE as my friends so now being in a apartment with two people i just met i have no one to confide in.

I gtg, this lab is freezing...

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