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Return to Neverland

Well I have finally regained some Internet access because I have returned from NY, after graduating (scary!) and everything. I moved out from my apartment with the false internet connection and the dueling roommates and returned home.

I dropped at least 20 lbs since the summer, and I'm now 30 lbs less than when I was at my heaviest. Some of it in healthy ways, some not so healthy... I'm very happy with it, but I still need to tone up a bit, and I wouldn't mind losing 5 more pounds.

I received lots of happy little presents for the holidays including fuzzy red pajamas, some more Neil Gaiman books (thanks faeriejewel!), lots of fun foot stuff (scrubs and lotions and toe rings -- oh my!), and more Tori imports/singles.

Josh gave all sorts of bunny-care items and took me shopping for a bunny (I've been talking about getting one for a while now). We found this cute dwarf rabbit, that we recently discovered is a mini-lop. She is an absolutely aborable white little bunny with light grey on her ears, tail, and paws.

Well, I am off for now (I have an annoying cold to tend to) but I'll be updating a lot more frequently than I have been for the past few months.


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