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Somehow I felt compelled to record this one...

Those who know me well know that I always have strange dreams and that I often remember them quite clearly. For example -- my Jan31st entry. I have also had many dreams where there are insects all over the house.

Anyway, a couple of nights ago I had another one of those, with an odd little twist to it.

Everything was silent and most of it seemed to be devoid of color. I was walking around the house and there were various people around that were staring at me. It was less like I was walking and more like I was being pushed around the house. There was very little movement until I noticed what appeared to be a black grasshopper-type thing (a locust? I am not all that familiar with insect species) land in front of me at the kitchen table. I noticed other similar insects gradually appear around the house as I was being pushed in various directions while I ran for the refridgerator.
I pushed most of the food items out of the way, climbed into the fridge and closed the door. I was very surprised that I could fit, but I was glad that I could not see the insects.

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