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Aaaaack!!! What is with this girl?? And why do I feel hurt and guilty??

Geez, one of my former roommates (from this last semester, I love all the others!) decided to come online, yell at me, then block me.
The first odd thing is that it has been almost a week since I had seen or heard from her -- kind of a delayed reaction, don't you think?
The other thing is that she has not been happy with anyone. She's thrown temper tantrums like a 4-year-old all semester whenever things aren't exactly they way she wanted them.

ANYWAY, I was kind enough to put up with it all year by letting her control everything like a spoiled child and to smile and nod whenever she needed to complain about Sarah (who never really did anything wrong in the first place). I also went along with paying $100 more than her each month for rent because her room was smaller. I constantly tried to stay on her good side because I thought it'd be ridiculous to be on bad terms with someone that I have known for such a short time.

So tonight she lashes out at me with a random set of IMs that have no connection with reality.
I know that I shouldn't take it personally because she's blown up at everyone, but somehow I feel like I failed because I could not prevent her blowing up at me.
I have sent the kindest possible e-mail and I hope that she realizes how ridiculous she is...

trsabpcc (10:32:30 PM): good job leaving the key with barbara
trsabpcc (10:32:53 PM): and thanks for telling me at the last minute that you werent going to pay the entire cable/internet bill.
trsabpcc (10:33:23 PM): thanks for cleaning up the kitchen
trsabpcc (10:33:26 PM): you did a great job
trsabpcc (10:33:43 PM): yeah...great job of taking out the trash, then just putting it next to the trash cans.
trsabpcc (10:34:03 PM): i hope that your next roommates never do to you all that you have done to me.
trsabpcc (10:34:06 PM): thanks
TiggLg (10:34:16 PM): Well for one thing I didn't know if Jessica was aware of that situation because I had told her that I would leave it with you. Second, I don't know where Barbara lives and you knew that
trsabpcc (10:34:47 PM): umm, that cant be bc you have never driven there.
trsabpcc signed off at 10:34:53 PM.


First of all, this e-mail is not in any way an attempt to fight with you, “yell back” at you, or anything of the kind so please do not see it that way. There are nitpicky things I could say to you about “bad” things you did to Sarah and myself, but it’s immature and not worth it. I just want to clear the air about this whole mess so that there are no bad feelings between us. There is no reason for there to be.
I have never put any sort of unkindness or disrespect toward you and I don’t like having bad feelings between others and myself because it is a painful way to spend life. I was really hurt by this attack and especially the fact that you did not allow me to defend myself or to talk with you about it at all. Those who do not allow things to be resolved are committed to a life of misery; I would not like to be counted aa one of those people.

First of all, I do NOT know where Barbara’s house is located. I followed someone once in the dark to a liquor store near her house and we walked from there. IF I knew where her place was then I would have obviously gone there to give her the key since you had asked me to do so. I did not have her number with me either, so I had no way of finding out how to get there. Leaving the key with you not an action against you, but my only option.

As far as the cable bill, I could not afford to pay, yet again, for something that I did not have access to. I had discussed this in reference to a previous months bill and had made it clear that I would not be able to use the Internet at all this semester, but you continued to charge me with full knowledge that I had no access. Therefore, it was not last-minute notice. This semester I had to drive back and forth several times daily to the computer lab. My own bill was paying for gas so often. I do not have money to toss at other people’s bills. As it is, I have already paid for two months of your rent without complaint.

In reference to the kitchen, I cleaned the floor, stove, and counters as best I could with the time that I had before I left on the 20th (I knew that I would not have time when I moved the furniture). If you recall the week of finals, I was really sick (I still am, in fact), had several large projects to do, and had no car; but by the last day I needed to be packed up, go home, and work an 11-hour day the next morning. So things had to be really rushed when I was in no position to be rushing them. I did as much as I could as far as cleaning while trying to take care of everything else. I had done much extra cleaning during the semester (including when I had done a week’s worth of your dishes so that I could use the sink), so I personally think that it more than evens out. I’m sorry if you do not agree. If you were expecting me to clean it again after the week of just you being in the house, you need a maid instead of a roommate.

As far as the trash, my father had taken it out, and I am sorry that he did not do so to your satisfaction. If it is really such a big issue, perhaps you should call him to discuss it. I promise that the garbagemen will it up, whether or not it is in a bin.

Anyway, I really don’t know what exactly “all I have done” to you is, because I don’t recall doing anything unkind to you. I am not really concerned with how I get along with future roommates because I had nothing but positive relationships with all of my former roommates/housemates for 4 years in college as well as the roommates I’ve had during summer jobs. I’ve never any of them lash out at me like this, so it really upsets me. I’m truly sorry if you had some issue with me and with Sarah. I hope that you have future roommates that are omniscient, infallible, and follow your every order so that you may be happy.

Honestly, I really don’t want there to be hard feelings between us, so if there are then there is nothing I can do about it. I am willing to admit that there were misunderstandings and I apologize for inconveniences that have been inflicted upon you. I would appreciate it if you could maturely agree to acknowledge (and acknowledge that you actually read this) that there are two sides to every story and put whatever this was behind us because grudges suck.


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