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Yay for THIRD ROW!! Boo for impulse buys...

I was able to get a ticket for row C, section 2 FLOOR for Tori's concert in NH, which appears (on the seating chart) to be THIRD ROW CENTER!!! I am quite excited. :)

What I'm not happy about is that I had this impulse to buy an extra ticket "just in case", and I did. This was REALLY STUPID because for the last concert I bought an extra ticket totally by mistake and it worried the hell out of me for weeks cause I thought it would go to waste. (It actually worked out well, though, because justfortoday took the ticket and we went together)

****So, anyway, if anyone would like a FIFTH ROW ticket to see Tori Amos in NH on March 4, PLEASE contact me!!!! (Perhaps we could even carpool)****

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