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Delayed Entry

I've been getting really bad about updating in here :( I haven't posted in three weeks! Sorry. I've been a busy little bee between work and job-hunting (an odd combination) and catching up with everyone...

Anyway, life has been pretty good. I miss my Marist friends, but I've gotten to see them from time to time. Nessa and I had lunch in Providence just last week.

Earlier this week I went to Amherst and stayed with Melissa and Jen. Melissa, Nick, and I had plans to go skiing, but unfortunately, Melissa and I both got sick on Tuesday :(
It was really good to visit, though. Melissa and I went shopping and picked out some new clubbing clothes for her birthday party. I may going back there in a couple of weeks to hang out with some friends. Hopefully it will work out that we'll be able to live together by August, that'll be fun! If that works out, I'll be taking Jen's room and stay there for a year (or until Josh & I move in together, whatever comes first!)

My friends back here are doing well, and it's great to be able to see them on a regular basis again. Kathy is getting all of her wedding plans in order, and we are deciding the bridesmaids dresses. She's going to have a really nice wedding. It's going to be fun to be a bridesmaid again! Bree's wedding is approaching, too (June)! I'm so excited!

Gina is doing well and Jacob is getting so big! The other day he learned my name (which was really funny because he was calling me "mom" all day). 'L's are tough for kids, though, so my name is "AW-ren". I love it! He's certainly hit the "terrible twos" with the amount of uncontrollable energy that he has, but he's still adorable!!
I've seen Monique and Katie and everyone, and Sue. It's great to be home :)

Josh and I are doing very well :) Everything is still "hush-hush", of course... hehe...

Well, I'm going to try and get posting in here a bit more often!!
We'll see :)

PS: Happy Belated Imbolc / Candlemas! :)

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