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Funny Observation

I just realized that I've never spent Valentine's Day with a boyfriend, even though I've been dating Josh for nearly 5 years! Every year we've been in separate states and it's always been on a weekday. While in college I was usually in a theater performance on that day, anyway (you know, V-Day monologues).
This year he works until 5, and I go to work at five. We could do stuff afterward, but it doesn't matter to me too much. He keeps asking if we are exchanging gifts, and I told him that he shouldn't feel forced to buy something for me for some arbitrary holiday. I'd actually rather not get a gift because I'd rather have him save the money.
I've never really cared much for the holiday anyway. It seems so ridiculous, a commercialized "Hallmark holiday". I know who loves me and who I love, and what matters more to me is the little daily reminders, the surprises, and our own little holidays. And I have plenty of that with Josh :)

I think that it'd be foolish and greedy to ask someone for presents. I find it hilarious when girls pout and get angry with their boyfriend because their gifts "aren't nice enough". I mean, how much meaning would those gifts really have it the person was coerced to buy them? Obviously those girls are really just after the gifts, which is pretty damn shallow.

Hehe... Anyway, I'm just bored and this thought entered my mind. I feel really lucky to have a guy that understands :)

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