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"Hello my friend, we meet again..."

Okay, so I guess more of an actual update is in order...

I've actually been in lj every single day and made entries... but not into this journal. I have another journal that is used exclusively for my food / exercise log. (Don't bother trying to find it, all entries are marked 'private'.)

ANYWAY...Josh IS going back to the same school to finish up. I finally prodded him into making a decision. Before he made up his mind, he suggested that we move in together. I knew that this suggestion was pretty much just a way of putting off his decision about school by distracting me with something else. To his surprise (and to the surprise of most people who know me), I said 'no'.

Anyway, he finally chose to go back to school this fall and move into an apartment with some of his friends. I am moving in with my friend that lives in the same town as his school. After my year in that apartment, Josh and I will probably move in together elsewhere.
I haven't had the time to find a new (better) job in that area, but fortunately I can be transferred to that area with my current job.

I asked for just 3 days off to move, that way I can get started working in that area immediately so I will have plenty of cash to pay off the bills. Actually the first day that I have off is to go to another Tori concert in Boston. Hopefully I will be meeting up with justfortoday there, as well as someone from ToriForum that I met at the March show. The other two days are for the move.

I am slightly worried about the move. I think that it will work out fine, but everyone else that I have spoken with is concerned about my roommate. They all think that she's going to walk all over me. NOT ONE person has said a good thing about living with her. Gina pulled me aside and said, "how do I say this nicely... you tend to give in and let people have their way and she will take full advantage of that. I see a LOT of time spent over at Josh's place and on the phone with me."
Yikes. 99% of the time she is right about these things...

Speaking of Gina, though, another baby is on the way!!
She is due in early March. It's too early to know the gender, but she has been referring to the baby as "he" again, and I had a dream that she named him Kyle (which, I found out later, is actually on her list, LoL!) Either way, both Gina and Jason are very happy (they wanted to have another child soon). I'm so excited!!

I'm going to miss Gina a bunch after I move. I'm going to have to make frequent trips back home!

Ok, more updates later...

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