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I hope that the weather has been as kind as possible to anyone who has been in the path of the recent storms.

The rain has moved up to my area today, but there is much less predicted for us because the storm has worn off so much.

We have an apartment on the top floor, but we are actually the ones in the building that are getting flooded. Well, not quite flooded, it is not nearly that extreme; but our back room is at the top corner of the building and there has been something wrong with the the gutter since we moved in. All morning there was a steady stream of water leaking into the two big windows in that room.
I've been piling large bathtowels on the floor underneath the windows to protect the carpet (and so that it doesn't leak through the floor to our neighbors below) and hanging them from the window so that it doesn't splash onto Josh's computer or onto the bunny. All of the towels are soaked through.

I'm grateful that this is all that I have to deal with. It is extremely minor compared to what this weather has done to so many other people and their homes.
It's still a big annoyance, though, especially because we thought it was repaired.

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