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Yesterday was good, overall.
Got my car taken care of, except for the problem I brought it there for, but at least I got an oil change and an inspection sticker.
They hadn't mentioned before that they had to order the part I needed (I did mention mid-week the main reason I was stopping by), and that they needed 3 hours to complete the work. I'm probably bringing it back next Fri to get the work done. This means that I'll have to take Friday off altogether, but I want to get this taken care of. It's the only place I take my car because they are the only ones I know of that won't take advantage of the fact that I'm a girl by charging me for stuff I don't need.

Gina, Jacob, and myself went out for lunch at Smokey Bones (which fortunately has veggie burgers), where someone stole the patriotic ribbon sticker from the back of her car while we were in the restaurant. How odd is that? We didn't see it happen, but it's not the kind of thing that just falls of on it's own. I wonder how the culprit would react if they knew they ripped it off a veteran's car. Weird.

Afterward, we stopped at a stand to buy some pumpkins for us to decorate with Jacob. We bought 5 small ones. The woman at the stand was very nice, but was hysterical to listen to because she was treating Gina's pregnancy like a terminal disease. She kept warning her of absolutely everything there that could harm her, wouldn't let her carry even one of the 3lb pumpkins that we chose, and was absolutely amazed that Gina was driving. Lol. Again, it was very kind of her, but it was pretty funny. Gina was actually a little annoyed by it, but understood her good intentions.

We bought some washable gel paints and some grocery's from the new Shaws (which I didn't even know was open), and brought everything back to Gina's. Jacob showed me his new room and pointed out the stuff that was there for his new baby brother. He has gotten so tall, and is looking more and more like his daddy! He told me all about starting pre-school (which he loves) and his swimming lessons. Gina told me that he insisted on taking the teddy bear that I gave him to school with him on the first day. It was the sweetest thing in the world when he told me "you're one of my best friends, auntie lauren!" (yeah, I'm a sap) We all painted the pumpkins. Jacob's turned out rather brown (due to mixing all of the paints, lol), Gina made a two-faced pumpkin (one smiling, the other one kind of evil), and I painted some random stars and such. They all came out cute.

During the evening, I hung out with the puppy, and watched Intolerable Cruelty on On Demand. It wasn't great, but was a good way to keep me relaxing on the couch with some tea. This cold (or whatever it is), that I insist hasn't quite settled in and I can still kick, only seems to be a problem at night. I hope that goes away soon.

My parents should be back today, but I'm not sure when. In the meantime, I'm getting some laundry done and hanging out here. I think that I'll drive back tonight, that way I can leave for work from my own place in the morning. I guess it depends on how late my parents get back here.

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