DaturaFae (DharmaChick, Lauren, Lau...) (daturafae) wrote,
DaturaFae (DharmaChick, Lauren, Lau...)

right. so I have been planning to write an update for days now (toher than that short meaningless one that I dumped in here this (fine, wednesday) morning. Before this past weekend, after the weekend, while I'm standing like a zombie at work... but I never get to it. I figure I don't have enough time to record it "just right." lol. Yeah, that says "lauren" all over it, right?

so I'm not even going to really cover it now because I'm tired and I'm watching the bunny run in circles around my chair and that seems to be the extent of my attention span at the moment. yes, ladies and gents, I love a good run-on sentence.

I finally saw Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind tonight. I wanted to see it ages ago, and I'm glad I finally did. Not really up for jotting down detailed thoughts about it, but I would highly recommend seeing it if you haven't yet. Josh's only comment on it: "hey, she's weirder than you." ok.

My to-do list has gotten buried and all day I was under the impression that it was thursday... until tonight, when I was hoping it might be friday. This is all due to the fact that I worked on Sunday. By the time I go into work on Saturday I'm going to be beating my head against the wall.

I have a new supervisor at work (or whatever you want to call his position). I already knew him cause he was elsewhere in the company. I got to basically train him on store info yesterday.

Im' going to bed. My apologies for this post.

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