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So it's a virus... and a $110 fine :(

Well, I was in the ER until about 11am. They ran some blood tests, did a flu test (that is the weirdest feeling ever, they stick this long thin swab way up your nose), and they gave me a shot of some anti-inflammatory.
The damn blood test took a couple of stabs because it was flowing too slow, which the nurse said was probably because I was dehydrated. I can't complain, though, cause it didn't take too many tries and that's probably the only time I've had trouble getting blood taken.

The doctor's conclusion was that the pain/stiffness is being caused by a virus, but not the flu, and it may or may not have something to do with my cold. He said that they could try to pinpoint the virus, but that it was something that I should probably do with a regular doctor outside of the ER. He gave me a prescription for what is basically a prescription-strength Motrin, and told me to follow up with another doctor if it does not get better in 3 days. I was given a list of local physicians, and the ER doctor recommended one in particular.

When Josh and I got back to the apartment, the first thing we noticed was that the lot looked a bit empty.
We then realized that my car had been towed.

We called the office, explained that we were at the hospital and were unable to see when the plows arrived. Josh reminded them the their snow policy stated that the owners of the cars with the parking permits displayed in them would be contacted when their cars needed to be moved, to avoid having them towed. The receptionist said that the towing company saw no permit on it, and told us where to pick it up. The towing company charged me $110 for "storage." They said that once the car is past their gates, it's the standard fee. I was too tired and sore to argue my case, so I paid it.
Josh later called the front office, and they said that they couldn’t do anything about it because I already paid the towing company.

I went to work.
I figured that I'd better retrieve some of my hours because, between the hospital bill (I have no health insurance) and the $110 I gave to the towing company, I'm going to need all I can get in my next few paychecks.

On the upside, Josh was really great about all of this. He even brought me a dozen pastel roses and some mint chocolate chip ice cream when he came home from work. We made English muffin pizzas for dinner. He also decided to postpone his trip to Dartmouth because he doesn't want to leave me by myself tomorrow night.

Mom and Dad both want me to skip work tomorrow, but for two different reasons. My mom is worried about the snow, and doesn't want me to drive in it. I promised her that I would keep my eye on the weather reports and the roads. Dad wants me to rest up and make an appointment ASAP with the physician that the ER doctor recommended in order to check on the virus and make sure that it is not something serious that needs to be treated with something other than painkillers. True, the ER doctors are there mainly for, well emergency conditions like injuries and heart attacks, and aren't really intended to do any kind of in-depth diagnosis for this sort of thing. The doctor mentioned that himself when he referred me to his list. On the other hand, I really don't like the idea of calling out of work when I already missed it yesterday due to snow. And the lack of health insurance doesn't really make me want to jump into another medical office.

We'll see. For now, I should get ready for bed.
2 hours of sleep was definitely not enough for this day.

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