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Where am I?

The GOOD News
Okay, so... I QUIT MY JOB...
I gave my notice about a month ago that I would be moving back to eastern MA at the end of May and that I would be leaving my position at Sprint unless they had something more career-oriented (as in, working for them for 5 years should actually lead somewhere) available in that area. I sent letters of resignation to the office of my current division and to the Boston (where I used to work and where I would be working if they promoted me or something). They like to ignore the topic and hope that I will stick around anyway, but I am out of there as of May 22nd (actually, the 20th, because I am asking for the 21st off and the 22nd is a Sunday and they don't like to pay Sun overtime).
It is so wonderful to be able to count down the days that I have left there. (14 work days) :)

A few weeks ago Josh let me in on the fact that he wants us to leave here by the end of our lease, then live separately back with our respective parents.
It took a few phone calls for my parents to even believe that it was really going to happen. Not that they didn't want me back, but because they were baffled about why I wouldn't be at my own place and why Josh and I would go back to living apart from each other.

I grew to accept this plan because I didn't want to upset him. He wanted to live back with his mom to make sure that she's okay, to find a new job, to save up some money for a new place, and to make sure that his sister doesn't drive his mom nuts over the summer.
I started to look for jobs in the Boston area. I looked forward to being near my family, my best friend, and more of my friends again.

Josh got a phone call from a friend of his, offering him a job at the company where he works. His friend had gotten a promotion there and is now basically in a position to hire someone for his group. It is a good job, with (obviously) some definite opportunities to move 'up the ladder'. It is much better than the position that Josh accepted in Framingham. He would be working with his friend.
The catch:
the job is in NYC.

Back to NY?

So, Josh's initial response was 'no'. But he told his friend that he would consider it. The more he was mulling it over, the more it seemed like a good move.
Today, on his way to visit his mom, he called me. He told me that if we were not together that he would take that job -- no question. He wants me to figure out if I am really against this move. So this is left on my shoulders.
I called my family and talked it over for an hour or so. My mom was pretty neutral on the subject, but wants me to do an avid job search to see what's available for me in the area. My dad actually talked me into the NY plan. I called Josh to tell him that I am okay with it. If he has a good job opportunity, and I have nothing right now, I guess I have no good reason to hold him back from it.

I have more thoughts on this... but I am sleepy and can't really focus right now...

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