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I need some caffeine

So I am going to attempt to make today as productive as possible. I guess it's not such a good start to be typing this after noon. Lol. Oh well.
- Anyway, I'm going to try to do some shopping for Mother's Day, my dad's birthday, and Josh's graduation. I guess that should be done first, since it's Sunday and everything is going to close early...
- I'm going to try and remember to get a bunch of pictures developed. I also need to send a chunk of pics to some people who asked for them / might like them...
- Then there's the big project... job searching and apartment hunting both around NYC and Boston. As Gina said as I was discussing it with her last night: thank God for the Internet!!
- I should also get some packing done, because that will need to happen no matter where I'm going.
- I would like to get some cleaning done around here.
- I must find time to squeeze in some pilates or some type of exercise because I am ridiculously out of shape. I truly wonder if there is any muscle left in my body or if it is just fat hanging off my bones. Pretty, right?
- I need to type up my own recommendation/reference letter (or at least a template of one) to send to my boss because it NEEDS to be done, and if he is going to ignore I will simply do it for him.
- I've got a bunch of trivial stuff to do as well, but I'm sure I will squeeze it in there somewhere.

Okay, I should probably start by changing out of my pajamas and taking a shower...

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