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Arg. I hate TicketBastard.

Getting tickets for the summer leg is not off to a good start.

Ticketmaster came up with a ticket for Jones Beach that was
Section C, Row D!!

I was ecstatic...
until I clicked the button to buy it.

It gave me some "internal error" message, and wouldn't let me get back to that page. I lost the ticket.

Then, as I'm trying to search for one again, it gives me a bunch of errors, then tells me that I have at least a 15 min wait.

When it came up with a ticket, it was way back, on the wrong side, with an obstructed view.

Maybe it is just not mean to be for me to go to the NY or NJ shows.
I think I'll wait until the New England ones are released.
I just figured that if I may be moving to NY, I should look for tickets there. I guess not.

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