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Counting the days

TEN days left at my crappy job!!
And not soon enough...

The supervisor is being a pain in the ass as long as possible.
Keep in mind that this is the supervisor that calls ME with questions that I am supposed to ask HIM. Questions about stuff that I learned by my first day there.
The one that asks, "I know that you don't live nearby, but can I send you to one of our CT accounts once or twice a month?"
... and then schedules me there 2-3 times per week.

Anyway, 99% of the time I am not scheduled to work on Sundays, so I didn't bother to ask for the day off to visit my mom for Mother's Day.

So, of course, I get scheduled to work from open to close... in CT!
Correction, I was not scheduled from open to close. I was scheduled from 11am-7pm. However, as often as I remind them, they pay no attention to the fact that the location closes at 6pm. So, in order to maintain the same # of hours on my paycheck, I come in an hour early, which is when they open.

At first I was thinking, 'ok, well I will be in Dartmouth on Wed, so I guess I will give her a gift and hang out with her then, even though I will only be there for an hour or so.' But when I told my mom about it, she seemed pretty disappointed.
She commented, in a joking tone, about how it figures that both my sister and I will have missed her birthday (I had planned to be there, but there was a blizzard) AND mother's day but we would both be around for my dad's birthday and father's day. She was mostly just kidding, but I could tell that she was really bummed out about it. When I spoke with my dad, he said that she had mentioned it to him and seemed saddened by it.

So, I figure that I can switch my day off from Sat to Sun so that I can be there. There are never any sales at that damn store anyway, and it would save them from paying me Sunday overtime.
Nope! Of course not.
Sunday is an important "event day" (this means nothing, they label random days as "event days"), and "many sales" (*cough* what?! since when?) are expected. It is "vital" that I am available that day. However, they can "help me out" by letting me go at 5pm.
Right... 5pm... a whole hour early... in CT... ooooh... thank you, that just fixes everything!

*insert pissed off look here*

I explained to him that I will need to drive back to eastern MA.
So he tells me that if I come in early, I can possibly leave around 3 or 4pm.
Ummm, how exactly can I 'go in early' to a store that is not open yet??

I am counting on the fact that he said 3pm. I will quote him on it.

*sigh* 10 days...

then what?

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