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Tori's Summer of Sin Tour

I bought Boston tix yesterday (for Tori).
Since I got home so late on Thurs/Fri from ny, I slept in and didn't catch the sale when it started, but I still got seats in the front section.
A few days ago Brianne mentioned that she would like to go, so I bought a ticket for her too. She has never seen a Tori concert before. :) This will be the first time in a while that I bought more than just a ticket for myself.

If I were staying in MA, I would go to Wallingford again, too. Unfortunately I will be in nyc and I don't know if I would be able to make the trip in the middle of the week.
I'm still contemplating it, though, because she always puts on a great performance at the Oakdale. And since she'll be solo again, indoors would be a big plus for acoustics.

Hmm. Well, I have a ticket for the Jones Beach show.
Maybe sell that one and go to CT? Not sure.

I really shouldn't do both because of $$$ and because I don't know where I will be working and they may not be too happy with me taking too many days off at once.

Anyone who plans on going to any of those -- keep me posted, I would love to meet up. :)

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