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little boys who swim and play & grown-up boys who drive away

Josh should be in NY by now or sometime soon. He left early this afternoon.
He was getting nervous and a bit stressed out this morning. Mainly he was concerned about forgetting something and starting his new job. He also feels a bit awkward about staying at Keiran's family's house. Especially since Keiran won't even be there Wed-Fri. I'm sure things will be fine, though.

His mom, his sister, and myself had a bit of an emotional send-off as he left. His mom and I both cried. He will most likely be back to visit next weekend, but it was still tough. We've been apart for much longer than that (there was four and a half years of the long-distance stuff), but we've also been around each other every day for over a year now. Plus I was nervous for him. It always gets me very emotional to see him rattled by anything.

I am hoping that this is not too hard for his mom. I think that she really needed him around for a while longer. She is also worried for him and it is a bit hard to ignore that his dad isn't around for all of this.
Today was also Craig's birthday party. It was great to see Gina and the kids again and of course to see Sondra and her little ones. I hadn't seen Craig since he was an infant, and now he is two. He and the other kids played in the kiddie pool for most of the day. I also finally saw Fern, who is now 3 months old. She is still pretty tiny (I am used to seeing Gina's babies, who are never even close to newborn size).

Matthew was a bit overtired so it was probably the first time I heard him cry since he was a newborn. I was not his favorite person because I wouldn't let him crawl onto the concrete. We made up, though, when I was his highchair while mommy served him dinner. Of course, he found the bright orange baby food to be much more useful as finger paints to decorate my clothes than as sustenance. Hehe. Oh well.
I found it pretty funny that Sondra's dad thought that he was my baby since I was holding him at the time.

I was also Jacob's water-pistol repairwoman for the day. I will hopefully be keeping my promise soon to take him to the park to 'feed the ducks and see the elephants'. :) (Back in the winter he asked Gina to call me so that he could talk to me, and he requested that I go to the park with him when the weather was warmer. The cutest part of the conversation was when he interrupted me to ask "Do you like elephants?" I told him that I did and he promised me that we could see the elephants. Lol) In any case, I am probably going with them to "Adventure Isle" (or whatever it's called) on Tues to give Gina an extra hand with the pair.

Gina, Julia (Josh's sister, not mine), and myself chatted a bit about the move to NY and my relationship with Josh. Everyone wants marriage and children for us. I would just be happy with an official proposal because it is just silly at this point to refer to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend.
If there is one thing that I've learned through helping out with and playing with Gina's children is certainly that I love children but in no way am I ready to have any of my own anytime in the near future.

Now I'm back at home, waiting for Josh's call so that I know he reached Keiran's house okay.
Then it is time to plan out how I will use this week or I will spend the whole time being anxious about the move and not accomplishing anything.

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