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DaturaFae (DharmaChick, Lauren, Lau...)

Yarmouth is not part of the Vinyard, just so you know...

Spent the day with Gina and the boys.
We had planned a short trip to a 'nearby' indoor playground type thing. Gina doesn't really know the Cape all that well (and neither do I), so we actually had a much longer day due to the drive. It was fun, though.

I really should have been here doing more job-search and apt-hunt related stuff, but I figured that I should take advantage of the time that I have available to see them.

Ok, so I'm finally going to post it. Gina and her family are moving to Texas.
She told me last week but I don't like typing it or saying it because I would rather pretend that it isn't happening. The base where her husband works is on the list of those that are being closed. They decided that house prices are cheaper in the south, and somehow decided on looking in the San Antonio area.

I can't wrap my head around this, because they just bought a house this past November! They got a great deal on it, and were SO excited about it (it is a beautiful house). Their family, who is very tight-knit and supportive, is close by, as are their friends. She said that her sister broke down and cried when she heard the news. Her mom is confused. Her in-laws are furious. She said that she is having trouble gauging my reaction. I explained that I am just in shock over the whole thing. While I want to respect and support her decision, I really hope that they change their minds.

My family is in shock over this, too. She has been kind of like a third daughter since we were eleven years old.

I guess I will need to learn to be okay with airplanes.

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