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I'll say it again: No sleep 'till...

... though actually we are not necessarily looking at Brooklyn anymore.
We are checking out Manhattan.
Arg. Yeah, cause we can afford that, right? *sigh*

So most of the day was spent apt searching online again, and sending my results to Josh via e-mail.

This whole moving process is testing my nerves.

I can't stand when huge decisions are rushed like this. I really wish that we had more time to search for a place and for me to find a job. Especially when I have no clue what we are getting into.
This sudden chaos is a dizzying mess.

I can't wait until things are settled.

As much as I like nyc, it is not really a place where I am comfortable living.
Just the one day that we spent on the trains to look at places was way too much for me. I don't like crowds. Lol. And I'm moving to NYC. Heh.

I just worry that we're going to make a huge mistake and end up in a really crappy place and be in debt up to our ears really fast.

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