DaturaFae (DharmaChick, Lauren, Lau...) (daturafae) wrote,
DaturaFae (DharmaChick, Lauren, Lau...)

okay, posting something positive... an accomplishment of some type...

Well I haven't stepped on a scale for nearly 2 weeks.
And last week I kept up with running and pilates and not raiding the fridge and feeling guilty over it.
This week I've tried, and hopefully not ruined last week.

I was going to hop on the scale on Friday, but now I'm thinking that should be postponed since I'm still bloated and such from the weeks of my 'monthly' (ha!) visit.

Also, I've come to appreciate my time off. Something liberating.
Not sure if I will enjoy it quite so much after this week, though. My mom will be done with work for the summer, and the quiet will be gone. And sometime soon I will be in the middle of moving into a new place, setting up there, and adjusting.

in a perfectly windy sky

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