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a new york minute... (I know, I'll stop soon, I promise)

quick recap of lau's recent ny adventures...

So I spent both Thurs and Fri back in nyc.
I commuted back and forth both days. *blech*

On Thursday I drove to Greenwich (CT) and took the commuter rail to meet Chris at Grand Central. We had lunch (and raspberry cheesecake) there, then we took the train over to the Upper East side. We checked out a couple of places on our own (with keys from a management company), then met with a broker who showed us two more. I met up with Josh when he got out of work, then went out to dinner with him, Keiran, and Megan.

On Friday I drove to Providence and took the bus to Port Authority. I spent that day on my own, looking at four apartments on the East side. All were no broker fee because I did the leg work myself. There were two open houses, one with a key from the management company, and one that the current tenant showed to me.
That was the day of walking. I basically walked the length of 42nd St, and ended up going back and forth around the Upper East side, up to 82nd St. I walked mainly because I felt guilty about the previous day's cheesecake and lasagna, but also because I wanted to get a full view of the area and start adjusting to the city.

I have to say that that second day made me more comfortable with the move. Since I spent the day on my own, I had more control over everything; and that feeling that I had some control calmed me down a bit.

Again, I met up with Josh after he was out of work. We went to visit a broker in Brooklyn that I had scheduled an appointment with. Unfortunately, the trip was a waste because he didn't have the right key.
Afterwards, we returned to Grand Central, took the train to Keiran's house where we picked up Josh's car, and drove back to Dartmouth.

It looks like I may be back in the city again tomorrow. *sigh* This is getting expensive. Anyway, there is a job fair tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I will regret it if I don't go. We'll see...

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