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uptown girl... (i swear, I'll knock it off by the time I move...)

it's (nearly) official...

Yesterday I returned to the city again.
Josh called on Tuesday, and said that he liked the apartment that I told him to check out (one that I had viewed last Friday) and that our application for it went through (he had turned it in the day before).

So I went back to NY for the job fair and the lease signing. I barely made the bus in time, but the driver spotted me buying my ticket at the counter and waited for me to board.

The job fair was a waste of time, unfortunately. It was all retail, insurance sales, and financial advising positions. Oh well.

I spent the day walking again. This time, however, it was a poor idea. The shoes that I had purchased the day before were an ill fit, and were murder on my feet. Eventually I stopped in at a Payless and bought a cheap pair of sandals to rescue my toes.

As I walking, I kind of stumbled upon Macy's... the big one... having a big summer sale. There is a whole Steve Madden section :) . I proudly announce that I didn't spend a penny! Probably because of the enormous withdrawal that I needed to make later in the day from my precious savings.

I found a bank near the management company and had a bank-check written from my savings. First months rent, last months rent, and deposit. It makes me cringe when I think of how long it took to save up that money. I need to find work quickly.
I found a Barnes & Noble nearby and decided to stay there as I waited for Josh to arrive from work
(an hour or so). It was a welcome change from the world outside. I treated myself to a nonfat chai latte (my fave Starbucks goodie) and browsed the shelves. There was an end-cap that featured Neil Gaiman, so I was all set. This was a great excuse to finally pick up Smoke and Mirrors, which I did, and I joined the line of readers by the periphery of the store to get started on it.

I met Josh outside the building and we went over to the management company to sign the lease. This was a lengthy process and fairly stressful. I had a mild anxiety attack but I have to say that I did a damn good job of concealing it.
There is still more paperwork to drop off and fax to them. The amount of paperwork that they need is insane.

Josh and I took the subway to Port Authority, where we grabbed a couple of sandwiches from Au Bon Pain and hunted down where I needed to wait for my bus back to Providence. The bus was pretty late due to traffic and thunderstorms. I felt awful for the driver, who normally would have a couple of hours to relax after arriving. This time he had to drive another four hours directly after a stressful five hour stretch.

I was grateful for my new book, which gave me something to do over the long trip and distracted me from worrying about the move.

Anyway, we will most likely have the keys on Tuesday. We will probably move most of our stuff into the new place next Saturday.
And then we will be living in the Upper East Side... on 72nd Street, New York, NY.

Keiran and Megan have applied for a place on 78th. I really hope that they get it. Having friends close by will definitely help us feel more comfortable.

Now, on to the career dilemma... :-/

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