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random details update

- I've lost 3.5 lbs and my tummy looks better (thanks to Pilates). I am kinda at my halfway mark of losing what I gained over the year, but I would like to lose at least five more pounds.
This weekend frightens me. We are probably going to a restaurant tonight and I will probably end up at a restaurant again or a party this weekend. *grumble*

- Our friends signed the lease at the place six blocks north of our new apartment! I'm really happy about this. :)

- Next Saturday looks like it will be moving day. Josh will hand in the lease on Tuesday and get the keys. Unfortunately, Saturday is also when the big annual family picnic is scheduled (my mom's side). I was rather hoping to attend, but (now that I think of it) it is probably to my benefit that I avoid the inevitable questions about my job hunt.

- I finally stopped bleeding... I think. Of course this happened a few weeks ago and started back up a few days later.

- Today I will most likely go with my parents to an opening at my aunt and uncle's art gallery. Josh won't be able to attend, so I will attempt to drag my sister along.

- My ticket is still up for auction:
Spread the word.

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