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I literally just finished the new Harry Potter book, so I suppose that I can safely return to lj.
(I had been warned about all of the spoilers).

Don't worry, I won't post anything about it unless it is behind a well-marked lj-cut, out of courtesy for those who haven't read it yet.

I will say that I am pissed off, but not shocked by the plot.

I will pass on the advice that my sister gave me to anyone who hasn't read it: DO NOT READ THE CHAPTER TITLES in advance if you don't want to uncover a key element of the plot. Fortunately, she told me this ahead of time. As I look back at the table of contents, I see that I definitely would have figured it out.

I was not at all shocked or depressed by the "sad part." I kind of saw that coming and figured that it was something that was bound to happen. However, I slammed the book down on the floor and stomped out of the room when I read that it was one of my very favorite characters that was responsible!! Yes, I had thought that might be what would happen, but I was annoyed that it actually did.

Anyway, the rampant online spoiler situation was one of the reasons that I had strayed from lj a bit. So I may be around a bit more.

However, I am definitely limiting my time in here because there are some elements in my life right now that urgently require my attention.
I just needed to make a post right now for some reason. I may post my thoughts on the book tomorrow, just to vent my frustrations... though I have a list of people that told me to call them when I finished so that they could chat about it...


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Aug. 1st, 2005 03:46 pm (UTC)
tee hee...
it's tricky to say things without saying too much! You are pretty good at it :)

Glad to know you will stick around here more :)

Take care,
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