DaturaFae (DharmaChick, Lauren, Lau...) (daturafae) wrote,
DaturaFae (DharmaChick, Lauren, Lau...)

Okay, I know that I am WAY overdue for an update...
and there has definitely been a few things to update about.

I will.

Really, I will.

I've been trying to limit my recreational-type web activities in order to focus on my job hunt.
Yeah, I'm still unemployed.
So I've had the summer off but trust me it hasn't been a vacation. Actually, if I knew that it would take this long to get going and that I would have all this time off... I WOULD have done something fun and taken a vacation!
...okay, maybe not because then I would be in debt. At least now I'm only broke. Lol.
Seriously, my savings are just about gone so I am really hoping that one of these interviews leads to something significant ASAP.

Oh, and I got dragged over to set up a page at MySpace by an old friend.
So... now I'm over there too, I guess. There are some people I know that are only over there so I joined to keep in touch.
Same screenname as usual:


Enjoy the video clip. :)

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