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Strange Days

Today has been an odd one so far...

I woke up around 1:30pm, cause I didn't sleep well. Went to health services, where they told me i have a nasty cold, but do not have bronchitis. Who knows how accurate that is, they didn't really check for it. They once told a friend of mine that her tonsils were swollen, to which she responded "Um, I had my tonsils removed when I was 8..." Who knows. I hope their right though, cause i don't want bronchitis again.

A group of us hung around here for a bit. Then we headed off to the grocery store, which was an interesting experience today... (long story) Somehow that resulted in us planning a little road trip for tomorrow. Who knows if we'll actually do it though...

Today our school had "Riverfest" which is a huge party on campus that used to be for seniors only, but now it's basically 21+. It was 3-7pm, so now there are mobs and mobs of drunks walking up from that lot (it's held in a big parking lot). It's insane. Two friends of mine went and decided to stop by here on their way back. They're extremely loud and drunk.

A bunch of my other friends are either gone for the weekend or going to the annual spring semi-formal tonight. A few friends are trying to drag me there, but I'm not going for two reasons: I don't feel like spending the money; and Josh is not here.

So I'm stuck here for the night with a few house-mates. Looks to be a real exciting friday night (note the sarcasm). Maybe I'll do some homework, what could be more fun than that? (more sarcasm, for those of you who didn't notice it).

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